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Online Tailoring

Online Tailoring is our unique digital measuring service where your body measurements (acquired by 3D scanning via smartphone) are converted into an actual product fit by using data, our expertise and your personal preferences.

  • Login or Create your account to be able to store your fit profile
  • Smartphone: Click the QR code below.
    Desktop: Scan the QR code below using your smartphone.
    This will start the 3D body scanning tool.
  • Choose the product you want to create a fit for.
  • Answer the questions regarding your fit preferences.
  • Done! Your fit profile for the product you chose is now complete and you are ready to order your unique pieces of sustainable luxury.

These are the things you need

Smart phone Blugiallo

1. Smart phone

Reference product

2. Reference product (optional)

Measuring tape

3. Measuring tape (optional)

*A reference product and measuring tape is optional but gives our team a better understanding of your preferences.