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Blugiallo - skräddarsydda kläder för alla tillfällen

Tailor made suit for men for all occasions

The suit is one of the world’s most classic garments. A neat suit should be in every man’s wardrobe. At Blugiallo we sew your suit to your exact dimensions, which guarantees that your finished suit will fit you perfectly. We have both jackets and timeless suit pants for you who want to look good. Some believe that the suit is merely a formal garment to be worn on finer occasions, which is not the case. A pair of neatly seated suit pants, or a perfectly tailored jacket can be combined with several different styles. Everything to suit you and your preferences! We at Blugiallo think your style is important and helps you through the entire process, from choice of fabric to finished tailor made suit. With us you can be involved all the way and the final result will be exactly as you want it, something you can’t find in stores today.

Men’s suits of the highest quality

Our men’s suit pants are of the highest quality as they are sewn from fabrics of e.g. alpaca or merino wool. With our help with measuring, your suit pants are sewn to fit your exact dimensions. We also help you with the choice of style and material so that your suit pants will be exactly as you want them. Maybe you should go to important meetings with the job and need a pair of pants that are perfect for job contexts? Then we will help you develop a pair of quality men’s suit pants that you can use and love for many years to come. We also help you with suit pants for other occasions, such as best friend’s wedding, or for the relaxed sun holiday with family. Using our knowledge of combining the right colors with different designs, we at Blugiallo can help you create exactly the right suit for the right occasion.

Men’s suits can be worn on many different occasions depending on how to combine the different parts of the suit. A pair of finer suit pants can advantageously be paired with a slightly airier shirt for a more relaxed look. At the same time, you can wear your suit pants to a finer shirt and maybe add a stylish tie for a more exclusive look.

Book a free time for measurements today and together we will create the perfect suit pants for you.

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