Formella kavajer

Våra kavajer har ett modernt snitt med tydliga influenser från italiensk skräddarkonst. Kvaliteten och hantverket som går in i tillverkningen av våra jackor är oöverträffad. En kavaj från BLUGIALLO kommer alltid att vara en symbol för personlig lyx, uttrycksfull eller diskret - beroende på din personliga preferens.  

Formal jackets for men

Our formal jackets are garments that not only comes in a variety of shapes, forms and colors but also several different constructions. You will be able to choose from half-canvas, full canvas and unconstructed jackets to name a few and each one will bring its own level of quality and formality.

Formal jacket fabrics

The fabric has a great impact on the formality of the jacket  and a rule of thumb is that the more luster there is in the fabric, the more formal the garment will be.
A great example of this is the super 150’s twill fabric, characterized by its high luster and elegant impression.

The formal jacket is, depending on what fabric you chose, is a great garment to break up. If you are looking for a formal jacket that is versatile and easy to combine with other garments the basic rule is to chose a fabric that match other pieces in your wardrobe.

Design choices that set the style

The second most important thing to consider when looking for a formal jacket is the construction of the jacket. A fully canvassed jacket will give you a far more formal approach than a unconstructed jacket. The full canvas will give a great structure to the jacket and will cause the jacket to form around the wearer’s chest over time. You will experience the feeling of a perfect fit after you have worn the jacket a couple of times.

Some might say that a double-breasted jacket is by default more formal than a single-breasted jacket but that doesn’t always have to be the case. As mentioned before the fabric will play a bigger part in the level of formality than the closure.

Design choices such as lapels and pockets will, of course, also affect the level of formality. A jet- or flap- pocket will create a more formal look than a patch pocket.

Personalized clothing

At Blugiallo you will always be able to put your personal touch on the garment since every piece is made to measure. Based on your unique preferences we will help you design a jacket that will match your needs. Regardless if you are looking for a classic suit and always wear the jacket and trousers together, or if you want a suit that is easy to break up we will make sure that you will great use of your formal jacket.


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