Soft jackets

En BLUGIALLO soft jacket representerar modern design för varierande vardagssituationer. Med arv från den okonstruerade, skräddade kavajen och känslan av en kofta erbjuder den en avslappnad och lyxig look. Våra soft jackets tillverkas med samma lyxiga och strukturerade tyger som våra skräddade kavajer. Upplev den perfekta föreningen av stil och komfort.

Soft jackets

By filling the gap between the traditional jacket and a more casual jacket, the soft jacket make sure you are effortlessly well dressed and is, more than anything, a complimentary product in your excising closet.

The Soft jacket, known for its soft, unconstructed design, and the 3 roll 2 button closure, is a perfect trans-seasonal piece and great for layering, whether you choose to layer it with a shirt, a knitted roll neck or a classic long sleeve polo. For colder winter days, it is a great indoor jacket and because of its softness, feels like a relaxed cardigan on the body. 

A perfect example of fabric quality for a soft jacket is  our taupe wool cashmere, due to its fantastic drape and beautiful texture.

Personalize your soft jacket

With us at Blugiallo you can always put a personal touch on your garments. You can pick between various design options to really make the garment Yours. Other than design options we believe that the most important part in making your garment personal is the fit. That is why we always strive to give you a perfect fit on each of the garments we produce for you.



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