How’s your summer tailoring looking?

16 juni, 2020

How’s your summer tailoring looking?


We’ll help you contemplate what you need.


Prolonged staycation? Introducing dress shorts.

It’s about as casual as we’ll ever get, but with single pleats, side-adjusters and the possibility of choosing from the broad range of our world renowned fabrics suppliers – there’s definitely more than a couple of options to complement your wardrobe. Our favourites is our ‘Iced cotton twill’ and for the uncompromising gentlemen – lightweight high twist wool from Loro Piana.

When in doubt – choose linen.

Few materials can withstand the heat from a Swedish summer (for all of you outside of Sweden thinking that’s kind of a joke – we’ve only got one thing to say. When (if) it hits – it hits hard and dry. The soft and airy feeling of our Normandy sourced linen has that unique ability. Once you’ve creased your way into it, there’s just not too many other options that seem relevant for the summer heydays.

Skjorta vit linnekvalitet


September Wedding?

We might not know when, but we do know that the time to put on the wedding gear will come again – sooner rather than later we hope. And for that reason we’ve put together a complete guide for you to dig in to. Read up on the most important considerations in our wedding chapter (for the time being available in our native tongue). And please remember (if you’re a guest) – don’t overshine the groom. Send him to us first. 

blugiallo bröllop

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