The polo shirt

25 maj, 2020

Brief history.

There are numerous stories on who invented it and when the first polo shirt actually saw daylight. But if we point out the beautiful cotton fabric in a high quality open weave, with a traditional dress shirt collar, only one name comes to mind – René Lacoste. The legendary french tennis player who won no less than seven Grand Slam singles titles during his formidable career.
During his career, Lacoste grew tired of the formal attire worn by tennis players at the time (typically consiting of a formal dress shirt and tie during the 1920’s). He allegedly cut off the sleeves of his shirt to allow for more movement and he also stated that “elegance required clothes that where adapted to the specific situation and circumstances in which they where to be worn”. Thus the first version of the polo shirt was born.
Lacoste later on went on to become one of the first sports icons to launch his own clothing line. In 1933 he founded “Le Societe Chemise Lacoste”, a brand which saw huge popularity with their signature short sleeve polo shirt. An iconic product of its time, who has since inspired many brands and designers to create their own versions of the classic polo shirt.

Our knit versions – Tales from the Riviera.

Our Spring/Summer knit polos is inspired from the casual elegance and the allure of the Riviera, demonstrated by 1950 and 60’s Hollywood actors, Jetsetters and Bohémes alike. An historic testimony to the act (and importance) of being comfortable and elegant at the same time. 


The Mongibello Polo. 

Inspired from the easy going Riviera lifestyle of fictional character Richard “Dickie” Greenleaf (The Talented Mr Ripley, 1999), the Mongibello polo is a open weave, mid weight knit polo, ment to be worn both for your lunch at Cap d’Ail, as well as casual alternative to the shirt whenever needed. Preferably accompanied by your favourite soft tailoring garments. 

The Retro Polo Zip.


The Ribbed Polo. 

The natural stretch, button-less ribbed cotton polo is a created from a slightly thinner cotton weave (than the Mongibello), and needs to be worn relentlessly. Size up if you need a more comfortable fit and in the words of Lacoste “..adapt the styling according to the situation and circumstances”.

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