Casual weekendwear and Fall knits

30 oktober, 2020

With casual tailoring becoming your go-to staples both on and off work, we’ve put together some of our favourite outfits and pieces to keep you both elegant and warm during fall. Check out our favourite pieces of understated luxury.

Soft stretch flannels

Our brushed flannels from Italian weaver Drago has the soft and characteristic feel that you want in a flannel fabric. The structured surface enhances the casual feeling which makes it perfect to wear as a full suit with structured shirts and/or knit layers like our v-neck merinos or simply with a rollneck. It is also one of our favourite suits to wear as separates – the flannel trouser being one of the easiest trousers to match together with knitwear and a jacket for a comfortable and soft tailored look.



Heavy merino knits

The perfect choice for a weekend getaway or a relaxed staycation at home. Our heavy knit merinos are made from long-fibre merino and produced by artisans outside of Florence. We prefer to wear them with our denims and if the occasion demands it – match with a brushed wool jacket.


When it comes to knitwear, there are few materials that can match the soft, comfortable and warm feeling of wearing cashmere. Although the fabric itself is quite delicate and nowadays heavily exploited, the feeling of wearing a long-fibre, high quality cashmere is unmatched. This is why we only use the best and most sustainable choice of ECO recycled cashmere with production in Italy. Cashmere knitwear is a perfect match in any elegant, soft tailored look with the epitome of understated luxury. Combine your cashmere knits with structured jackets and denim/flannels or simply wear them on its own with a pair of heavy twill cotton trousers.

Mario approves of our Cashmere (


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