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23 december, 2020

Choosing your outfits for the upcoming holidays is a delicate, yet in our opinion, inspiring task. In many ways it may seem like a less important matter considering the strange outcomes of the year 2020. But our belief is actually the exact opposite. Sometimes, to give yourself the time to engage the simplest of tasks (like putting thought in to an outfit) can actually have a great positive impact on the way we feel. If nothing else, it takes our minds off the intense seriousness reflecting our surroundings for a short while.

Now, for most people, the Holidays involves mixing formal looks with relaxed outfits that breathe comfort and effortless elegance. To give you some tips and inspiration, I (Alexander) asked a couple of my colleagues and team members at Blugiallo, to tell you a little about their approach for the days ahead, starting off with Elias, our Stockholm Showroom Manager.

Elias! Rumour has it you are one of those guys jumping between places on Christmas – how will you clothing choices reflect this and what do you plan to wear for Christmas eve?


That’s true, Christmas is normally quite hectic with a lot of things happening so my choice in terms of clothing will reflect this. I’ll go for an elegant, yet casual suit. For this year I’m wearing my beige flannel suit, which is one of our most comfortable fabric choices for fall/winter in my opinion. I’ll probably wear it with an off white merino knit, or if I feel like wearing a tie, I’ll go for a crisp (white) oxford shirt with a grenadine tie. To top it off, I’ll wear my new wool Car Coat and button it all the way up until is breathing becomes difficult, just to honor the old days and beautiful history of the garment.

Blugiallo flannel suits

Blugiallo wool Car Coat

Next, we I talked to Albin, online onboarding expert and fabric nerd extraordinaire.


Albin – Gives a couple of examples on what you typically wear the days in between Christmas and new year. You can’t mention tweed by the way (Albin likes tweed).


I’ll be wearing my forest green tweed blazer (obviously). Jokes aside, it is a great complement to the more relaxed and comfortable approach to tailoring that I like to wear these days before new years. In terms of trousers, I’ll be living in Corduroy. I have a couple of designs, both the more classic dress cord trouser with single pleats and 5cm turn up, but also my 5 pocket cords that really is a relaxed favourite.

Blugiallo tweed blazer

Albin – Corduroy and Tweed. It is a little early for retirement, isn’t it?


Hehe, I get that a lot. But the truth is that the materials are fantastic and offers a really good range of possibilities in terms of styling. As I said, I like a more casual approach to tailoring and for example, I wear my Tweed jacket almost as outerwear for fall and early spring and I also wear it a lot when traveling. As for the Corduroy trousers, I suggest you wear them with casual shirting and for example a cashmere zip. This creates a really nice contemporary look, far from the Chesterfield look and I would suggest switching the Single malt to Italian wine if you’re still feeling anxious.

Blugiallo cords

Moving on, we asked one of our Co Founders, Daniel about his holiday wear.


Daniel, you’re leaving Stockholm for the holidays – have you decided what to pack and what (since you always do), you can’t forget??


I’ll pretend i didn’t hear the last part (coming from another sinner), but yes, I’m fairly set on both Christmas and New Years outfits. I suppose I’m not going to shock anyone with my choice for Christmas. Navy suit (one of our brushed wools or Fresco – packed them both, forgot the brushed wool), crisp white dobby twill shirt and a Hermés tie. I’ll excuse myself right away for not wearing a Blugiallo tie, I could go for our seven fold silk, handmade in Como, but Hermés is just, well Hermés really.

Blugiallo navy Fresco suit

Apology accepted, but noted. What about New Year and the days before?


Well, naturally I’m wearing a tuxedo for New Years eve. I don’t really see myself wearing anything but that. The choice came down to weather I would wear the usual suspect in terms of a black Barathea wool tux, or as it turned out, I chose to wear a separate jacket in the form of my double breasted, midnight blue velvet one.

Blugiallo midnight blue tuxedo jacket

Lastly, moving on to myself and my own thoughts on the topic above. 


Having interviewed my colleagues and with few words of wisdom still left to share, I can only agree with them. I will say this though – Wear your off white trousers or denim. We get a lot of questions from clients concerned about the color off white and how to combine it or If they’ll feel comfortable wearing it. My advise is this: Choose the proper fabric (the fit we’ll take care of) for the occasion and start wearing off white. It is obviously not the most “practical” color, but who in the history of menswear remembers ‘the practical guy’. Always choose a fabric with lots of structure and off white trousers will lift the rest of your outfit to new heights. Own it, and don’t let the ‘boys of summer’ in leggings shaped denim be the ones people associate ‘off white’ with.


On behalf of the Blugiallo team, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Hope to see you in 2021!



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